How to Order

  1. Choose your desired items.
  2. Choose the category collections which located on the left menu panel
  3. Click the “Photo” or click the view detail button to look at the product’s details.
  4. Click the “Request Quote” button

Fill out the delivery form provide us with the valid and current information.
  1. Fill out the Form ( Name, Contact Number and Email address).
  2. Pick your “Location” (Location is based on the delivery address)
  3. choose your Shipping Order Provider (JNE, TIKI, or else).
  4. Click "Submit" button to purchase your cart then the items will be put through buying process

When the “CHECKOUT CART SUCCESS” window prompted on your screen, it will suggest our bank account number where you can make the transfer. While doing so, please check your email address stated there, it should be matched to the email address of your “shipping info” in order for you to review your invoice.

Payment should be made at 2 x 24 hours at the latest after confirming your order. After completing the payment process, send by email or text messaging name/total payment.

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Kami melayani konsultasi gratis seputar MCI atau produk yang kami jual. silahkan kirimkan pesan dengan klik tombol dibawah ini
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